NASA Meatball

Physical Sciences Informatics System

Fluid Physics Investigations

Acronym Title Research Area Completion Status NRA Eligibility
CCF-EU1-Critical VelocitiesCapillary Channel Flow-EU1-Critical VelocitiesFluid PhysicsCompleteYes
CCF-EU2-Critical VelocitiesCapillary Channel Flow-EU2-Critical VelocitiesFluid PhysicsCompleteYes
CCF-EU2-Phase SeparationCapillary Channel Flow-EU2-Phase SeparationFluid PhysicsCompleteYes
CFECapillary Flow ExperimentFluid PhysicsCompleteYes
CFE-2Capillary Flow Experiment - 2Fluid PhysicsCompleteYes
Computational Framework for Capillary FlowsFluid PhysicsCompleteYes*
CVBConstrained Vapor BubbleFluid PhysicsCompleteYes
CVB-2Constrained Vapor Bubble-2Fluid PhysicsCompleteYes
Gravity Scaling of Pool Boiling Heat TransferFluid PhysicsCompleteYes*
MABEMicroheater Array Heater Boiling ExperimentFluid PhysicsCompleteYes
NPBXNucleate Pool Boiling ExperimentFluid PhysicsCompleteYes
PBEPool Boiling ExperimentFluid PhysicsCompleteYes
PBREPacked Bed Reactor ExperimentFluid PhysicsCompleteYes
STDCE-1Surface Tension Driven Convection Experiment-1Fluid PhysicsCompleteYes

*Denotes ground-based investigations conducted using funding from PSI NRA grants and based on data from microgravity datasets in the PSI system. Proposers planning to use the data from these investigations may want to consider combining this data with other, microgravity investigations.