NASA Meatball

Physical Sciences Informatics System

Awarded Research

PI Name PI Organization Proposal Title Research Area Investigation(s) Used Appendix Selected
Yiguang JuPrinceton UniversityQuantitative Studies of Cool Flame Transitions at Radiation/Stretch Extinction Using Counterflow FlamesCombustion ScienceFLEX-1PSI A (2016)
Tanvir FaroukUniversity of South CarolinaEffect of external thermo-convective perturbation on cool flame dynamics: A multidimensional multi-physics CFD analysisCombustion ScienceFLEX-1PSI B (2016)
Sean GarrickUniversity of MinnesotaUtilization of the smoke aerosol measurement experiment data for advanced modeling and simulation of smoke generation in micro-gravityCombustion ScienceSAMEPSI B (2016)
Thomas AvedisianCornell UniversityUse of FLEX data to enhance video image processing for studying combustion of soot-producing jet fuel droplets and their blends with bio-derived fuelsCombustion ScienceFLEX-1PSI C (2017)
Fumiaki TakahashiCase Western Reserve UniversityStructure and stabilization of laminar jet diffusion flamesCombustion ScienceSLICEPSI C (2017)
Mitchell SmookeYale UniversityComputational and Experimental Analysis of SPICE Data SetsCombustion ScienceSPICEPSI D (2018)
Paul DesJardinState University of New YorkConcurrent Flame Spread Modeling using Flamelet Generated Manifolds in Micro-Gravity with Comparison to BASS Experiments using Two-Color TomographyCombustion ScienceBASS, BASS IIPSI E (2019)
Lou KondicNew Jersey Institute of TechnologyStructure evolution during phase separation in colloids under microgravityComplex FluidsACE-M1, BCAT-3, BCAT-4, BCAT-5, BCAT-6, PHaSEPSI B (2016)
James SwanMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyDynamic self-assembly driven by time with varying fieldsComplex FluidsInSPACE-3, InSPACE-3+PSI C (2017)
Michael CromerRochester Institute of TechnologyInvestigating the Role of Pre-Shear and Pre-Stretching in the Transient Extensional Flow of Dilute Polymer Solutions: Modeling Benchmarking and Numerical SimulationsComplex FluidsSHERE, SHERE II, SHERE RPSI D (2018)
Anand OzaNew Jersey Institute of TechnologyPhase Transitions in Colloid-Polymer Mixtures in MicrogravityComplex FluidsBCAT 3-6PSI E (2019)
Sinisa MesarovicWashington State UniversityComputational Framework for Capillary FlowsFluid PhysicsCCF, CFEPSI A (2016)
Amir RiazUniversity of Maryland, College ParkGravity Scaling of Pool Boiling Heat Transfer: Numerical Simulations and Validation with MABE and NPBXFluid PhysicsMABE, NPBXPSI B (2016)
Yongsherng LianUniversity of LouisvilleDevelopment and Verification of a 3D Nucleate Pool Boiling Simulation Model Using PSI DataFluid PhysicsNPBXPSI B (2016)
Vladimir AjaevSouthern Methodist UniversityModeling phase change and thermocapillary flow in the Constrained Vapor Bubble experimentFluid PhysicsCVB, CVB-2PSI C (2017)
Mark WeislogelPortland State UniversityNASA CCF PSI data reduction and benchmarkFluid PhysicsCCFPSI C (2017)
Jeffrey AllenMichigan Technological UniversityTesting the Equivalence of Evaporation and Condensation Coefficients using the Constrained Vapor Bubble (CVB) Data from International Space Station experimentsFluid PhysicsCVB, CVB-2PSI D (2018)
Paul SteenCornell UniversityCapillary Flows and Draining in MicrogravityFluid PhysicsCFEPSI D (2018)
Joel PlawskyRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteLoop-Based Constrained Vapor BubblesFluid PhysicsCVBPSI E (2019)
Ebrahim AsadiUniversity of MemphisEnhancement and Verification of Quantitative Phase-Field Crystal Modeling using NASA-PSI Coarsening in Solid- Liquid Mixtures Experiments DataMaterials ScienceCSLM, CSLM-2, CSLM-2R, CSLM-3PSI B (2016)
Kegang WangFlorida Institute of TechnologyTesting Analytical and Numerical Models in Phase Coarsening using NASA Physical Sciences Informatics SystemMaterials ScienceCSLM, CSLM-2, CSLM-2R, CSLM-3PSI B (2016)
Mohsen EshraghiCalifornia State University, Los AngelesPore-Mushy Zone Interaction during Directional Solidification of Alloys: Three Dimensional Simulation and Comparison with ExperimentsMaterials SciencePFMIPSI B (2016)
Mohsen Asle ZaeemMissouri University of Science and TechnologyNew insights on solid-liquid interface anisotropy effects on solidification patterns of pure and alloy systems in microgravityMaterials ScienceIDGE, MICAST/CSS 6-7PSI C (2017)
Kumar AnkitArizona State UniversityAdvanced Modeling and Simulation of Crystal Growth DynamicsMaterials ScienceIDGEPSI D (2018)
Siddhartha PathakUniversity of NevadaUnderstanding the Local Structure-Property Relationships of Solders in Terrestrial vs. Microgravity EnvironmentsMaterials ScienceISSIPSI E (2019)
Surendra TewariCleveland State UniversitySpurious Grain Formation in Alloys Directionally Solidified on the Space Station due to Marangoni ConvectionMaterials ScienceMICAST/CSS, PFMIPSI E (2019)