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Physical Sciences Informatics System

Awarded Research

PI Name PI Organization Proposal Title Research Area Investigation(s) Used Grant Period
Yiguang Ju Princeton University Quantitative Studies of Cool Flame Transitions at Radiation/Stretch Extinction Using Counterflow Flames Combustion Science FLEX-1 2016-2017
Tanvir Farouk University of South Carolina Effect of external thermo-convective perturbation on cool flame dynamics: A multidimensional multi-physics CFD analysis Combustion Science FLEX-1 2016-2017
Sean Garrick University of Minnesota Utilization of the smoke aerosol measurement experiment data for advanced modeling and simulation of smoke generation in micro-gravity Combustion Science SAME 2016-2017
Lou Kondic New Jersey Institute of Technology Structure evolution during phase separation in colloids under microgravity Complex Fluids ACE-M1, BCAT-3, BCAT-4, BCAT-5, BCAT-6, PHaSE 2016-2017
Sinisa Mesarovic Washington State University Computational Framework for Capillary Flows Fluid Physics CCF, CFE 2016-2017
Amir Riaz University of Maryland, College Park Gravity Scaling of Pool Boiling Heat Transfer: Numerical Simulations and Validation with MABE and NPBX Fluid Physics MABE, NPBX 2016-2017
Yongsherng Lian University of Louisville Development and Verification of a 3D Nucleate Pool Boiling Simulation Model Using PSI Data Fluid Physics NPBX 2016-2017
Ebrahim Asadi University of Memphis Enhancement and Verification of Quantitative Phase-Field Crystal Modeling using NASA-PSI Coarsening in Solid- Liquid Mixtures Experiments Data Materials Science CSLM, CSLM-2, CSLM-2R, CSLM-3 2016-2017
Kegang Wang Florida Institute of Technology Testing Analytical and Numerical Models in Phase Coarsening using NASA Physical Sciences Informatics System Materials Science CSLM, CSLM-2, CSLM-2R, CSLM-3 2016-2017
Mohsen Eshraghi California State University, Los Angeles Pore-Mushy Zone Interaction during Directional Solidification of Alloys: Three Dimensional Simulation and Comparison with Experiments Materials Science PFMI 2016-2017